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inspired by emotions and relations.

‘Open Relation Design’ is a holistic idea I found that is designed to have a room for growth with users accommodating with material, shape and emotional properties with an ‘intended openness’ within.

Life in Motion is a new service that delivers a specific structured space upon customers request to a specific location. A specifically designed and fabricated modularized space is installed on a ‘platform,’(3) which is a self-driving, connected transport gadget that navigates and drives automatically to users or locations. Users can request a desired space they need on their connected personal devices with specific date and location. After the service, the space automatically drives back to the facility for the return process.


Perhaps, the physical address will not mean anything anymore if we constantly move around different locations on a moving space - like people living in trailer houses. People live in a moving house - just rent a space like a parking lot. When they move, the house moves with them within a city. People just rent a specific mobile space (utility, recreation, etc) anywhere, anytime.

Life in Motion


Autonomous cars are coming. This work focuses on speculating and objectifying lifestyles of a world where are shaped by the future autonomous mobility. Driverless cars will change the landscape of our city life. This project will explore and illustrate different ways of possible -perhaps preferable - scenarios.

a scenario -


After the great success of Uber, automobile companies such as Ford, GM, and Volvo are seeking to become a mobility service provider.(1)(2) Instead of producing cars - tangible products - they are willing to expand their business into a non-tangible service area.

Featured at SAIC Design Show 2017 at the Block 37, Chicago, USA.

Mies’ Mullion Bottle Opener


Chicago, the realm of modern architecture, would not have been possible without steel structure. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s architecture is often characterized by I-beam mullions. Inspired by these I-beam mullions this aluminum bottle opener pays homage to the clarity and simplicity of Rohe’s iconic modernist style. Equipped with a magnet this opener holds the cap after opening.

Brushed aluminum
130 mm L x 20 mm W x 20 mm H
Featured at ICFF 2017.
Product photography: Jonathan Allen
Exhibition photo: Chantelle Choi

Hyper Objects


How would emerging technology affect the production cycle of domestic products?


This grotesque artifact is a hybrid object of a human hand and a mug. The 3D printed mug is created by 3D scanned hand and joined it to a digitally sculpted mug in a CAD program.

Customized products have been widely known as a proven marketing strategy which targets our natural desire for a ‘personal and unique’ object. However, since the emergence of mass production which was enabled by the industrial revolution, most of the products on the market have been produced to fulfill universal needs and preferences as a group of consumer. This universal design oriented production has caused expelling individuals from the process of making decisions.


This work was executed to demonstrate how emerging manufacturing processes could put back individuals into the cycle of productions.

3D printed PLA
93 mm L x 65 mm W x 134 mm H

Jacks-up Stool


This small stool is formed by an array of turned architectural wooden legs, which symbolize the collective efforts that were needed to raise the Briggs Hotel in downtown Chicago after an epidemic in 1866.

Featured at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, Salone del Mobile, Milan Design Show 2016
Also featured at Guerilla Furniture and Art Truck Show 2016
Poplar wood
265 mm L x 265 mm W x 510 mm H



How would we perceive things around us if no background information is given?


iAxe is a speculated object from a twisted future, 2082 A.D. when our civilization is devastated by the World War III. The tool exhibits how human in the future would utilize a scraped iPhone in a way of very primal and vernacular manner only based on its form and materiality.

iPhone*, plywood
480 mm L x 120 mm W x 40 mm H
*iPhone is a product and a trademark of Apple Inc.

LG Open Innovation Concepts


The goal of this project is to develop innovative/creative concepts for LG’s Open Innovation on Home Entertainment products. Through research, ideation, testing and documentation performed by a multidisciplinary, we are expected to propose concepts related to the area of home entertainment system, TV remote and soundbar in this project.

a group project with Sae Joung Kou


In the group with Sea Joung, I mainly focused on generating optimal forms and functions based on the problem we both researched. After sketching out possible concepts, I explored them through testing out with CAM (computer aided manufacturing) and 3D printing and such.

This project was sponsored by LG Electronics U.S.A. and Georgia Institute of Technology and under supervision of
Dr. Young Mi Choi.

Tree of Passage


In contrast with Western culture, Koreans have always revered nature (as evidenced by their architectural principles) while the West was about making nature work for them. Inspired by the ‘Dangsan Tree’, sacred trees that are worshiped by villagers in Korean culture, this installation art symbolizes the connection in between nature and human by bypassing white elastic cords from the walls around the tree. The tree distorts the surface created by multiple layers of cords by blocking the path of them. The intention of this installation was to deliver a message that man-made objects interact with nature-made through times.

a project from Georgia Tech Campus Exhibition 2012
White cotton yarn
3.2 m H x 23.4 m W x 2.7 m D

Joanna Stool


Oak Plywood, Steel Rods, Stainless Steel Hex Nuts, Lock & Flat Washer, Balsa Wood
775 mm H x 410 mm W x 520 mm D

From a study of extreme user case, Joanna Stool is uniquely designed for only one user - Joanna Liu - to maximize comfort, functionality and beauty. This studio stool is made of eleven layers of oak plywood - mechanically assembled with twelve steel rods with washers and hex nuts.

It is designed and crafted to meet not only her physical satisfaction, but also her emotional satisfaction. The formal characteristics of the stool is built to express her strong relationship with her father and his great devotion to her.

Wood Feely


100 mm H x 165 mm W x 114 mm D

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