Life in Motion


Autonomous cars are coming. This work focuses on speculating and objectifying lifestyles of a world where are shaped by the future autonomous mobility. Driverless cars will change the landscape of our city life. This project will explore and illustrate different ways of possible -perhaps preferable - scenarios.

a scenario -


After the great success of Uber, automobile companies such as Ford, GM, and Volvo are seeking to become a mobility service provider.(1)(2) Instead of producing cars - tangible products - they are willing to expand their business into a non-tangible service area.


Life in Motion is a new service that delivers a specific structured space upon customers request to a specific location. A specifically designed and fabricated modularized space is installed on a ‘platform,’(3) which is a self-driving, connected transport gadget that navigates and drives automatically to users or locations. Users can request a desired space they need on their connected personal devices with specific date and location. After the service, the space automatically drives back to the facility for the return process.


Perhaps, the physical address will not mean anything anymore if we constantly move around different locations on a moving space - like people living in trailer houses. People live in a moving house - just rent a space like a parking lot. When they move, the house moves with them within a city. People just rent a specific mobile space (utility, recreation, etc) anywhere, anytime.

Featured at SAIC Design Show 2017 at the Block 37, Chicago, USA.